Clay Co. to upgrade voting equipment

CORNING, AR (KAIT) - When money to upgrade voting equipment became available through the legislature last year, Clay County Election Coordinator, Joyce Kirby jumped at the opportunity to receive as much they could.

"Equipment failure is a real rare thing to happen but it's my biggest fear because I set the equipment up," said Kirby.

So far they haven't had any issues in the past but with eight-year-old equipment, Kirby wanted to be safe rather than sorry.

"It's just a matter of time and we don't want to be on Election Day and find out our battery packs are bad," said Kirby.

With the nearly $10,000 grant money, she's ordered new flash drives and batteries to prepare for any inconvenience.

"As long as this battery pack is in them and working the electricity can go out and you can still continue to vote," said Kirby.

She plans to apply for the same grant next year. The county is hoping to purchase a few more items that will go towards their polling locations.

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