Group opposes name change to Stadium Blvd.

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -  One group in Jonesboro opposes a possible name change to Stadium Boulevard.

The Jonesboro City Council will discuss changing the name of a portion of the street to Red Wolf Blvd at the next meeting November 19.

Clifford Toney, an original member of the Stadium Boulevard Property Owners Association, has resurrected the group to speak on behalf of business and property owners who do not want the name changed.

"Originally the Stadium Boulevard Property Owners Association was constituted back when there was a median in Stadium Boulevard, back in the 1980s, and their primary focus at that point was trying to see that undone."

Toney, who has set up a Facebook page for the group, says business owners are concerned about the expenses and the confusion the change could cause.

"I own property both in the section that they're looking at renaming and south of the bypass, and I've talked with a number of business owners south of the bypass who are concerned about the potential confusion that it will cause with multiple names of one street."

Jonesboro COO LM Duncan says taxpayers will not pay for the new signs, and the majority of the business owners who would be affected support the change.

"The ASU Foundation will be paying for redoing the street signs so it shouldn't cost the city anything," he said. "There was 55 businesses and two were against it. Now, there may be probably some vacant lots that we didn't check on because we were looking at businesses where they would have to redo their advertising or letterheads or addresses."

The new name would begin at U.S. 63 and continue north to Johnson Avenue, which could pose an issue for drivers, Toney believes.

"It's been portrayed to this point as if everybody's for it. We just feel like it's important for the city council, the mayor, the people of Jonesboro to understand not everybody is for it."

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A proposed name change to one of Jonesboro's most heavily traveled thoroughfares is back before the city council.

A Jonesboro City Council subcommittee received enough yea votes Tuesday night to move the issue to the full council.

The Public Works Committee tried doing so in early October. However, between an absent committee member and a sole 'nay', the issue could not move past the subcommittee.

Tuesday night, the issue was back before Public Works. Four of the committee members recommended that the full council pass the issue, changing Stadium Boulevard to Red Wolf Boulevard.

Alderman Mitch Johnson opposed the recommendation, just as he did in early October.

"I feel that there's a lot of local heroes, both living and who have given their lives for our country and our freedom...I feel like if we're going to start renaming major streets, we need to take a lot of things into consideration," Johnson said.

The issue has been discussed for some time now. In August, ASU Chancellor, Dr. Tim Hudson requested the city table the issue for two months so they could receive public input.

Region 8 News will continue to track the progress of this issue as it goes before the full city council in two weeks.

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A new name change is in the works for one busy street here in Jonesboro.

"The university and I have been talking and they said it would be great if we could change Stadium blvd. to Red Wolves blvd.," said Mayor Harold Perrin.

The process began by checking off a list with people who would have to approve it.

"We contacted the Highway Department and they said that's no problem if you'd like to do that," said Mayor Perrin.

After receiving the first green light, it was on to approval number two.

"We made sure with the postal service, with making changes like that, they would still deliver mail because some people may have advertising bought for six months or a year," said Mayor Perrin.

With two of the three approved the decision to change Stadium blvd. to Red Wolves blvd. would lie in the hands of the city council. Mayor Perrin said they also received positive feedback from several businesses who reside on stadium.

"We talked to everyone on Stadium from highway 63 to Johnson Ave.  and we didn't have but one or two people that didn't want to change it," said Mayor Perrin.

When it comes to dollar signs, the cost isn't much of an issue.

"Should cost a few hundred dollars, I don't know exact cost but very little," said Mayor Perrin.

James McDaniel is the owner of both Local Culture and Popeye's that sit on Stadium blvd. He said the new name would show some school spirit.

"Stadium is kind of a generic name and Red Wolves really gives us an identity," said McDaniel.

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