Maynard city council draws large crowd, lots of public comment

Council meets at Maynard Elementary auditorium
Council meets at Maynard Elementary auditorium
Many in attendance wear shirts supporting mayor's comments against the city councilwomen
Many in attendance wear shirts supporting mayor's comments against the city councilwomen

MAYNARD, AR (KAIT) - Another Maynard City Council meeting happened Thursday night with a lot of people who had a lot to say. From the fire department to the police chief to some of the council members, multiple things were discussed in front of a packed house at the Maynard Elementary School auditorium.

Much of the meeting focused on the fire department. You'll recall, 19 men and women tried to get onto the fire department in late June, yet only 6 were allowed on.

The ones who were rejected were told they couldn't reapply for another 6 months.

However, a typo found in that resolution gave those men and women the chance to reapply without the wait and as some of the council members who voted "no" last time changed their tune on that issue, six more people were allowed back on the fire department Thursday night.

"On behalf of the Maynard Volunteer Fire Department, I want to thank everyone for your support and coming out and voicing your opinion," former Fire Chief, Lynn Ewing said during the meeting.

Ewing, for whom the fire department building is named, was not allowed back onto the fire department. His application was shot down by a 3-2 vote.

During the public comments section of tonight's meeting, many came forward with their say on multiple issues.

People discussed their support of Mayor Gary Hart after Region 8 News reported on his degrading comments about women on the city council.

Maynard residents also made their opinions known about the women on the city council by the shirts they wore. The yellow shirts bore the picture of a cow with the wording "Trouble!!!" underneath. Those wearing the shirts told Region 8 News the shirts were in support of Mayor Hart, agreeing with that the councilwomen were "trouble."

Many also came forward with statements on their disapproval of Police Chief, Lonnie Cline, whose undercover camera caught Mayor Hart making those comments about the councilwomen. The city recorder from OKean even got involved on the comments, claiming Chief Cline still had property from the City of OKean and had yet to return it.

What was not brought up at the meeting was Gary Hart's future in office as the mayor of Maynard.

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