Kennett Police: Weekend robbery all a lie

(Source: Kennett Police Department)
(Source: Kennett Police Department)

KENNETT, MO (KAIT) - Kennett police confirmed on Wednesday, they have made arrests after a woman falsely claimed she was robbed at gunpoint at a Unico Bank.

According to Lieutenant Tim Trowbridge, with the help of the Missouri State Highway Patrol and Dunklin County Sheriff's Office, Kennett Police arrested Heather Godair, 24, and Tony Bishop, 33, as part of the investigation in the Unico Bank robbery.

Lt. Trowbridge said Godair told police she was robbed by an armed unknown individual while making a deposit.

After an investigation, police found out Godair was in on the robbery and was working with the armed robber.

Bishop was arrested on a felony charge for stealing.

Police said they were able to recover all the money and weapons used in the robbery Wednesday.

Heather Godair, manager at Burger King, was arrested on a felony charge for stealing and another charge for making a false police report.

In a news release to Region 8 News, Lieutenant Trowbridge said:

"Kennett Police Investigators would like to also thank the many Kennett citizens who have made contact with them and helped with this investigation.  Investigators urge citizens to continue contacting KPD with information of other crimes.  The Kennett Police Department will continue to work hard to make a difference in people's lives and make the City of Kennett a safer place."

The Initial Report

On Sunday, police searched for a man in connection to an armed robbery and kidnapping at the Unico Bank.

One of the suspects was described to police as wearing dark clothes and had his face covered with a gray bandana. He reportedly approached a customer in the drive through at the bank with a small firearm while the victim was depositing money.

Lt. Trowbridge said the suspect took a deposit bag from the victim, got into the victim's car and forced her to drive to the 600 block of North Vandeventer Street. He then ran away between houses.

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