New regulated hours means new challenges for trucking industry

KENNETT, MO (KAIT)- It's been sixteen days since truck drivers had to start monitoring their time on the road. On July 1st, new federal regulations cuts the numbers of hours truckers could spend on the road from 82 hours to 70 hours.

The new regulation is meant to curb the number of fatalities on highways and improve the health of drivers. The new rules could also limit how much money drivers can make.


LarrySamples is the safety director for Marc Hoskins Trucking in Kennett. He hasalso been a driver for 20 years. He says there were only two main changes tothe safety regulations.  

"Themandatory 30 minute break, no more than 8 hours on duty at one time," Samples said. "The 34 hourre-start which is you can only have one every hundred and 68 hours which is 7days."

The newsafety regulations will limit drivers maximum work week to 70 hours instead of82. Drivers who reach 70 hours in a week must rest for 34 consecutive hours.They are also required to take a 30 minute break during the first 8 hours of theirshift.

Samples says the 34 hour re-start could become a problem.                                         

"If a guygets in Friday at noon, he still can't go to work until Sunday morning becausehe's got to have 2 nights in a row from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. before you can continue," he said.

Although thenew rules are suppose to give drivers more time to rest, Samples says he's notsure the drivers will only use that time to sleep.   

"Most guys whenthey come home, they want to get out and do things with their families," Samples said.

He saidhe really didn't' see a reason for the new change.

"I reallythought it was okay  the way it was.Theymake the rules and we have to live by them," he said. 

The newrules will mainly affect drivers who work more than 70 hours a week on a continuingbasis.

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