92 year old's work habit keeps her healthy

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- A 92-year-old Jonesboro woman is beating the odds by continuing to work.

Inous Wright owns a local alterations business and says she has been working all her life and she sees no reason to stop now.

New research shows people who delay retirement have less risk of developing Alzheimer's disease or other types of dementia. The study said working tends to keep people physically active, socially connected and mentally challenged.

"They can'tbelieve it but it's up here from here up I'm strong. I monitor my medicine, Ikeep everything in my house going, I buy my groceries, I cook," Wright said.

Wrightis your typical grandma! At age 92 she is still punching the time card. Shesaid although she doesn't want to brag she has a true talent.

"I can just look at it and I can tell what theyneed and I'll start pinning it up and after I pin it up and I say if you don't likeit I'll change it and now I don't change it," she said.

"My heart'sin every job, Ill just say that..and it still is."

Wright useto live in Nashville and tailored outfits for movie producers and entertainersincluding Naomi Judd. She said even after being in the sewing business sinceshe was 13, it is still her passion.

"I love it and it's something to do instead ofjust sitting around with my aches and pains which I have them," Wright said.

Wright saysher most accomplished product is a wedding dress she made many years ago.

"I was proudof it and everybody else was to and I tell you what it was gorgeous," she said.

Wright says sheowes everything to her maker.

"I didn't goto college or anything but He knew I needed him and I did."

Wright has been working in Jonesboro for over 20 years and doesn't plan on slowing down anytime soon.

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