Small lakes and WMAs offer summer camping

Small lakes and WMAs offer summer camping
LITTLE ROCK (AGFC) – Summer is camping time for legions of Arkansans. And people have many opinions on how to camp and where to camp.
For some, the popular and often crowded campgrounds of state parks and on the big lakes are first choices. For others, remote sites away from the throngs are preferred.
Possibilities for the latter group are wildlife management areas and small lakes of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.
Designated campsites at these WMAs and lakes are all over the state. They are do-it-yourself places for camping. The AGFC has small black and white signs at most of them, "undeveloped campsite." Some are marked with blue paint on trees. Campers may be more familiar with the term "primitive camping." 
Take that "undeveloped" literally. It means no facilities, just a place to pitch a tent or park a camper. There is one attractive feature at these "undeveloped" sites – they are free.
The sites have no electricity, with a few exceptions. They have no drinking water supply. They have no trash receptacles or toilets. No staff is on hand to answer questions or to give directions.
And this time of the year, you may well be the only campers around.
Some of these WMA and small lake campsites are in scenic area. Just one example is along Robe Bayou on Sheffield Nelson Dagmar WMA. That is a few miles northwest of Brinkley in east Arkansas. A string of designated campsites are along the cypress lined bayou that has several places for launched canoes, kayaks and small boats.
Advance scouting, always suggested for hunting WMAs, is suggested for finding one or more campsite possibilities. Visit the area or the lake ahead of your planned trip. See what is there in the way of designated campsites. AGFC regulations on most facilities specify that camping can only be at designated campsites. T
here is a 14-day limit on camping at all AGFC sites.