Police find 'large amount' of drugs, weapons during search

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Jonesboro Police Department Prowl Unit made an arrest Wednesday after finding meth, marijuana, and several other drugs along with more than 20 firearms.

The investigation took place in the 900-block of North Main Street. Police arrested Christopher Jones, 40, on several drug charges including possession of cocaine, marijuana and hydrocodone.

"It started with information from concerned citizens that things just weren't right," said Investigator Mike Brumfield.

According to the Probable Cause Affidavit, officers used a search warrant to enter Jones' home. Inside they confiscated several items.

"There were three assault rifles, four shotguns, four rifles, ten handguns and several rounds of ammunition," said Brumfield.

Jones told officers he had been selling crack cocaine for about a year.

"We found crack cocaine in rock form, it ended up being 22 grams," said Brumfield. "We also found 1.9 pounds of marijuana."

Along with a list of firearms and drugs, officers found over $4,300 in cash.

Brumfield said a bust like this one helps make Jonesboro a safer place.

"Anytime you can get this much drugs out and this many guns off the street, it's a plus," said Brumfield. "It was a pretty big haul."

It was a team effort by the JPD Prowl Unit division. Brumfield also gives credit to those in the community.

"This information started with concerned citizens and we appreciate that," said Brumfield.

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