Seventh quake hits Trumann within a year

TRUMANN, AR (KAIT)-The Trumann community is still a little shakenup following Wednesday's earthquake. Trumann has had seven small earthquakes in the past six months.

The second earthquake shook five miles southwest of Trumann on Wednesday at 3:10. Local businesses said they arehoping to not feel another one for a while.

"You couldfeel everything shake and the windows shake but it wasn't as bad as the one inFebruary," said Wood Ford sales manager, Jeff Clayton.

"I wasstanding right out here and you could just feel it was shaking a little bit,you could feel the glass just shaking," said Jim Porerfield, another Wood Ford employee.

It wasn'tthe first time local residents felt a little shaky. Clayton said a lot of other businesses felt thequake as well.

"It wasactually kind of like a semi-tracker trailer went over the bypass and all thewindows started shaking," Clayton said.

And justacross the street, the dealership said on Wednesday they noticed a lot of bank employees evacuate the building.

"We weresitting out here when it happened and I swear the whole bank evacuatedeverybody came out of the bank and was trying to figure out what happened," Porterfield said.

"One guycame over here and thought someone had ran into the bank with a car."

GaryPatterson, geologist at the Center for Earthquakes Research and InformationCenter at the University of Memphis said they are starting to notice more andmore earthquakes in this region.

"Over thelast 6 months we've had nine or ten quakes in that area specifically aroundTrumann, we've had 7 small quakes," Patterson said.

"This is what scientists call the southern armof the new Madrid seismic zone, Marked Tree, Truman area would be close to thesouthern extent of that," he said.

Pattersonsaid the Trumann areas was also the same location of the last damaging earthquake in 1976.

"Just basedon these earthquakes, there is no reason to be concerned for an earthquake inthe immediate future related to these but it's always possible," he said.

Pattersonsaid people generally start feeling earthquakes when they get to a magnitude of 2.5.

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