Kennett police investigating after found dog severely cut

(Source: Kennett Humane Department)
(Source: Kennett Humane Department)

KENNETT, MO (KAIT) - The Kennett Police Department is investigating another case of animal cruelty.

Humane Officer Tena Petix posted the following message on the Kennett Humane Department Facebook page after a person brought a young, Heeler mix to Petix Friday, July 12:

"This dog came into our department with a gaping cut on the front leg. The dog was taken immediately to Kennett Veterinarian Clinic. Dr. Mobley is out of town and Dr. McKay did not hesitate to help us. Dr. McKay took her in examined her and is having surgery today to try and save her life. The wound is consistant with a knife wound. It is a clean wound as if someone was trying to cut the leg off. Just when we think we have seen the worst in people we unfortunately find ourself wrong."

Petix says she has seen an increase in animal cruelty cases in the past month and hopes anyone who has information that could help in the investigations will come forward.

In a recent case, a boxer mix was found wandering on Highway 25 with gunshot wounds and cuts.

Petix says the young dog was found nearly two weeks later in the same location with a deep cut around its left front leg.

"We think that we've seen the worst and we get one that will be worst than the last," Petix said. "This summer is the worst I've had. Like I said, I've worked here six years."

According to Petix, since May 2013 she has had 10 calls in which the dogs required veterinarian care and surgeries, with two requiring amputations.

Petix took the dog to the Kennett Veterinary Clinic where Dr. Isaac McKay operated on it. "We put her under anesthesia. We had to suture her muscles together in two layers, and then another layer underneath and then the outside layer, and we put a drainage tube in here that we removed today," said Dr. McKay.

Dr. McKay says the Heeler mix is healing well with the help of antibiotics."It was a very deep cut. It's like our armpit and it was very deep and had cut deep into the muscle tissue, but it had missed the major vessels."

As with the previous investigations, Tena hopes the public can provide information and donations to continue to help the animals that are under the care of the Kennett Humane Department.

"Seems like we're always begging, but if not our only other option would be to euthanize, which none of us want to do that."

Donations for KHD are accepted at the Kennett Police Department located at 200 Cedar Street and at the veterinarian offices listed below:

Kennett Veterinary Clinic

1704 St Francis St., Kennett, MO 63857

(573) 888-2255

Ken Mo Veterinary Clinic

807 Homecrest St., Kennett, MO 63857

(573) 888-9968

Click here to visit the Kennett Humane Department Facebook page.

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