Writer one of many talented in Region 8 waiting to be discovered

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Fanswere excited Saturday afternoon when they got a chance to meet a local author.

Linda Nance has writtensix books and offered the inside scoop for each tale she wrote.

Nance talked about herinspirations at the book signing.

At the meet and greet,Nance revealed she is currently working on a new book and will release herprevious ones as eBooks.

CJ Abraham is with theArts at 311 and said Nance is just one of many local talents that are just waitingto be discovered in Region 8.

"The best things to do isto get on the Internet, come downtown, browse the galleries, go to the forumsee the plays, there's a lot of art right here," said Abraham "The wealth oftalent we have in Northeast Arkansas is just amazing."

Abraham says they holdabout nine events every month.

He stresses they arealways willing to showcase Region 8 talent.

For more information onThe Arts at 311 click here.

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