Arkansas State Police investigating officer involved shooting

Posted by Jessi Turnure

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Arkansas State Police is investigating an officer involved shooting that occurred late Sunday night.

The Jonesboro Police Department dispatched one of its officers to Garden Manor Apartments in Jonesboro around 10:30 p.m. to respond to a drug-related complaint.

Jonesboro Police Chief Mike Yates said Sgt. Jon Redman was the officer involved.

JPD said in its incident report that a suspect advised Redman he was going to get his gun and opened the door. The report said the suspect then pointed a cellphone at the officer.

ASP said that's when Redman fired his gun, injuring the suspect's hand. ASP said Redman then performed first aid and called an ambulance. Paramedics transported the suspect to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Region 8 spoke with several neighbors Monday who said there are definitely better parts in Jonesboro and despite the events over the weekend, it is not a dangerous place to live.

"People aren't walking outside getting shot. You know, people aren't dying here every day," Garden Manor Apartments resident Daundre Robinson said.  

Neighbors said it is usually quiet around the apartment complex. 

"I've been here 46 years and they ain't been a lot going on here," neighbor Don Greer said.

"It's fine over here. I mean, it's typical everyday life," Robinson said. 

They said it is quiet because there's always police around.

"Every day they come by here," neighbor Judy Gorman said.

"There has been a lot of police coming in and out of the gate. They just ride through and ride back out and then go on about their business," Robinson said.

"I think we've got enough coming by here that pretty much takes care of everything," Greer said. 

But the shooting last night changed some of their confidence. "It could have been handled better," Robinson said. 

ASP did not release more details at this time about what exactly transpired between the officer and the man. But Robinson said shooting someone should be "out of the question." "You got plenty of things like tasers, baton, anything you can use besides your gun. Your gun should be your last option. I don't understand."

Robinson says it's also difficult to understand because he knows the suspect. "I know him well enough to know he wouldn't do anything like that. He wouldn't hurt, you know, probably wouldn't hurt another human being, let alone a police officer. He don't look like he's dangerous at all. He looks like an everyday person so I don't even understand how they feel threatened by him."

ASP says it is still investigating the incident.

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