What to do when someone gives intentions of suicide

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Over the weekend, just in Jonesboro alone, police were called to one suicide and one attempted suicide. According to Jonesboro police, both victims showed signs of suicidal thoughts beforehand.

Clinical Supervisor, Joe Branch with Families Incorporated said if someone you know could be suicidal, the best thing to do is to talk to them.

"Have a conversation like you would have with a friend or anyone else," said Branch. "If you're concerned the individual could be suicidal or at risk, you need to ask."

If a family member or friend is still concerned on their well-being, Branch said there are signs you can look for to show that they are suicidal.

"Look for depression, substance abuse, loss of interest, giving items away, change in mood or  behavior activity," said Branch.

All signs of suicide should not be taken lightly, especially if the individual is reaching out to someone.

"If it's a casual statement, text message, facebook post or any of these things that would alert you that a family member or a loved one is at risk for suicide, it should be taken seriously," said Branch.

If ever someone does find themselves in that situation, it's best to act quickly.

"Call the home first to see if a parent is there or another family member," said Branch. "If not, go straight for the 911 route because either one of those options would certainly work."

The trauma of losing someone to suicide can cause emotional distress. Branch suggests seeing a doctor who can help with the coping process.

"They should talk to their primary care physician if they have one or a local councilor, psychologist or psychiatrist and share what they've experienced," said Branch.

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