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New phone scam making the rounds

WYNNE, AR (KAIT)- Another phone scam is making its way across Region 8. Local residents are receiving calls from someone posing as an agent with the Federal Government offering up to $9,000 for having good credit.

Lt. Mike Smith with the Wynne Police Department also received the scam phone call. He said the number shows up with a Washington DC area code and towards the end of the conversation they ask you for your personal information.

"When I started questioning them, they hung up pretty quickly," Smith said. "They speak very poor, broken English and don't seem to comprehend English too well when spoken back to them."

Smith said the caller told him he had won a grant for $9,000 to help pay bills. But the only thing is the caller asked for a checking account number, savings account number or a debit card number to deposit the money.

"Anything that's a legitimate business is not gonna ask you for that information over the telephone," he said.

This is about the third phone scam this month. Earlier this month a Paragould mother says she received a call from a telemarketer saying she won $250,000 and she had to send $400 in order to claim her prize. Just two weeks ago, Jonesboro police said someone was making calls claiming to work for City Water and Light requesting late payments.

Smith said they have gotten several phones from residents receiving calls just like this one.

 "Once or twice a week, we will receive phone calls from people who've received calls telling them that they've won certain amounts of money," Smith said.

"They always want them to deposit or send some money, wire some money or to give them some personal information."

Smith said residents should be careful not to give our any personal information.

"If somebody calls and tells you you've won something and you haven't signed up or registered for anything, anything that is too good to be true, probably is," he said.

Smith said if you receive a suspicious call or if you have any questions about this scam you can call the Wynne Police Department.


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