Neglected dogs, goat seized from Randolph County home

Source: Randolph County Sheriff's Department
Source: Randolph County Sheriff's Department
Source: Randolph County Sheriff's Department
Source: Randolph County Sheriff's Department

WARM SPRINGS, AR (KAIT) - Multiple animals seized from a Randolph County home after the sheriff's department was called there numerous times in regards to possible animal neglect.

"We did our inspection of the residence and when executing the search warrant we found a quantity of animals," Randolph County Sheriff, Gary Tribble said.

Some were in worse shape than others. However, this wasn't the first time the Randolph County Sheriff's Department was called to the home in Warm Springs.

"The reports we have received past was that the animals weren't properly being fed, that their dish bowls not having food or water and the cleanliness both inside and outside the home," Tribble said.

They even received reports of some animals being neglected to the point of death. Despite receiving reports as far back as March regarding the condition of the animals, the scope of what the sheriff's deputies could do was limited.

"We were restricted in the first reports as far as accessibility of the law enforcement," Tribble said.

However, an additional report they received Friday gave the department enough information to obtain a search warrant for the home over the weekend.

When the sheriff's department searched the home Monday, with the help of the humane society and a local veterinary clinic, they seized multiple dogs and a goat.

In total, there were 32 dogs, three cats, one goat and multiple chickens at the home. Six large breed dogs and the goat were taken from the property.

"This wasn't situation where there were concern for all but there was for some and based on the recommendation of the vet are the animals we did seize," Tribble explained.

Sheriff Tribble said he doesn't believe the neglect was done out of malice.

"Their intentions may have been well but there were just so many animals and I just probably think that there was more than what they could handle."

The animals seized are now with the humane society and that local vet clinic.

One resident at that home, Sandra Croney, was charged with cruelty to animals. Croney is set to appear in court on August 14.

Pending the outcome of that court date will determine where the animals that were seized from her home go from there.

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