Hoxie residents frustrated over high water bills

HOXIE, AR (KAIT) - Hoxie residents have been concerned about their high water bills. Some residents claim they are being charged for hundreds of gallons that haven't been used.

 According to Hoxie Mayor, Lanny Tinker, only some residents were charged for two cycles within one bill period. A normal water bill cycle is 25 to 35 days. However, for some Hoxie residents, between the April 22nd and June cycle, two cycles showed up on one bill.


“We lost our water manager and lost one more person in that department,” said Tinker. “When we were reading meters, we had someone to replace the meter reader and that person didn't get their books done on time,”


When they finally put that data into the computer, it charged residents for a 54 day cycle.


“I make no excuses as mayor, the books stop with me and it was my error,” said Tinker. “We apologized as much as we could, but the truth of the matter there is that people used that water and needed to pay the city for that even though we had some error in that.”


The incident only happened once. Recently, they have hired someone to oversee all water operations. Other reasons for increase could be due to leaks. Tinker said Meters are important and as of right now, they're working on getting a grant to begin a meter replacement program for residents.


“Older meters are not as accurate and some of the meters we have in Hoxie don't have leak indicators on them,” said Tinker. “That’s another reason for the meter replacement program.”


Tinker said a water meter should be replaced every seven years. They should also have a leak indicator to show you when water is on in the home.


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