AR State Board of Nursing celebrates 100 years

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- The Arkansas State Board of Nursing is celebrating it's Centennial.

A reception was held at the St. Bernards Auditorium in Jonesboro Thursday afternoon. Members of the ASBN have been traveling across the state celebrating their anniversary with Arkansas nurses.

President of the Arkansas State Board of Nursing, Karen Holcomb, said, "We've heard their stories, they've learned a lot from us, we've learned a lot from them. They also know that we're not just doing the disciplinary part of the board. We also deal with legislation, rules and regulations and the safety of the patients."

Executive Director of the State Board of Nursing, Sue Tedford, said, "I think the nursing profession has earned the status of being the most trusted profession. We get that almost every year in the poll. And it really is because nurses are one of the most caring group of individuals that are out there."

They've been visiting nurses in Arkansas cities since December.

Holcomb says their next stop is Texarkana.

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