$2,000 Crimstoppers reward for convicted rapist on the run

Region 8 News Thursday Evening Update - Some of the stories the Region 8 News department is working on for Region 8 News at 10.

Fugitive on the run

A Crittenden County man didn't show up to his final day in court where he was convicted of three counts of rape. Now, the search is on. Erin Loraditch has the latest at 10.

Education program funding

A program designed to help low-to-middle-income students attend college is in jeopardy. A Randolph County college says they're being forced to turn students away from their Career Pathways Initiative due to budget cuts. Allison Munn reports on Region 8 News at 10.

Gator attack

A huge gator in North Carolina had to be killed because of what he attacked and killed... an 80-pound meal for a massive predator. The story at 10.

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