Arrests for drugs and manslaughter all in one apartment

WYNNE, AR (KAIT)- A probable cause hearing was held Friday in Cross County for a man who accidentally shot and killed a man at his Wynne apartment. Two other people were charged with possession of drugs and firearms who were in the exact same apartment.

It was around 9 pm Wednesday night when Wynne police were called out to the Cliff Ridge apartment complex in response to a shooting.

 "When officers arrived an individual had been shot in an apartment there," said Lt. Mike Smith with the Wynne Police Department. "Three other individuals were in the apartment when the shooting occurred." 

Smith said 19-year-old Brandon Murry was trying to put the safety on a handgun when it suddenly went off shooting 19-year-old Marcus Warren in the chest.   

"He was taken immediately to the Cross Ridge community hospital in Wynne and unfortunately was pronounced dead upon arrival there," Smith said. "Unfortunately the individuals had a firearm, were not familiar with that firearm, we don't believe it was intentionally done but reckless none the less."

After entering the apartment, officers noticed the strong smell of burnt marijuana.

"Illegal controlled substances were found in the apartment and additional firearms in addition to the firearm that was used that the individual was shot with," Smith said.

Wynne Police found 106 grams of marijuana in a baby's room and sawed off shotgun in the baby's bed. Police tell us the child was in the apartment at the time of the shooting and she was later handed over to a relative.  Police also found marijuana in the hall closet and a safe.

Police arrested and charged 20-year-old Morgan Cook -- the baby's mother --  and 18-year-old Dominique Davis with simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms and possession of a controlled substance.

"There was an approximate half pound of marijuana found in separate packaging, it was packaged like it was for resale," he said. "Everyone was arrested Wednesday night and taken to jail and then this morning at 10 am they had a probably cause hearing."

The hearing bond for Murry was set at $50,000. The bonds for Cook and Davis were set at $25,000, and as of today both Cook and Davis have been released. 

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