New tech to increase safety at grain bins

BONO, AR (KAIT) - New technology is in the works to increase safety for farmers who work with grain bins.

Valley View | K & D Agri-Systems Construction Manager Bubba Shannon says technology such as applications for phones and tablets and "computer monitored systems that monitor the temperature and moisture of the grain" are available to prevent grain crusting.

"When someone goes into the grain to inspect it they walk on the crust, break through the crust and all of a sudden they're buried," said Shannon.

Shannon was part of the team that rescued Frank McCarty and Justin Martin from suffocating in a soybean grain bin in Luxora in December 2012.

For farmers who want the storage space, but not the technology, Shannon recommends working with local agencies in getting trained because it only takes seconds to be buried alive.

"Coordinate with local fire departments because they really service the entire area and they're the one who are called to the scene first."

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