Restaurant dedicates Friday to helping child

PARAGOULD (KAIT) - It's a theory most are familiar with. Paying it act of kindness meant to inspire giving in others.

For instance, if someone pays for your lunch in line, you turn around and do something kind for someone else.

It's a theory that one Region 8 business is taking to heart.

At Kiss the Cook in Paragould, Fridays are busy.

"We come to Kiss the Cook probably twice a week," Charlie Hinson told Region 8 News. "The last three Fridays, we've been here."

Whether it's a familiar face like Hinson's or a newcomer to the restaurant.

"Fridays, we have people coming in that we've never met before too," owner, Libby Glasco said.

So as you can imagine, there's a lot of foot traffic. But once lunch has been eaten and the check has been paid, the reason Fridays are so busy becomes evident.

Part of the cost of your meal plus whatever leftover change you might have goes to Pay it Forward.

"It started with our seeing a news story and just having heard all the things that were going on in the world at that time and in our own community at that time, we just felt like maybe we weren't doing enough>

Owner, Libby Glasco says who benefits from Pay it Forward Friday varies.

Charlie Hinson is part of the Greene County Rescue Squad. The volunteer group was last week's recipient of Pay it Forward Friday. They received over $450 that will go toward equipment that will help them in the field.

"We're looking at some headsets for our truck that you can just plug into the portable radio," Hinson explained.

This week, proceeds went to Cadence McGuire, the Region 8 Girl who lost both of her parents and her sister in a car wreck in June.

"We've not met Cadence," Glasco said, "but you can't look at her and hear her story and not want to help."

Glasco said by doing this, her business simply acts as a vessel for the generosity of Region 8 residents.

"We can have an idea that we think is wonderful but we really need them to help us out and they know that and they're so great and I mean...this community of people is just really rare."

Kiss the Cook is only open for lunchtime hours so from 11am to 2pm is when money is raised for Pay it Forward.

This Friday, Kiss the Cook raised $698.62 for Cadence. Barely a dollar and a half shy of $700 dollars in 3 hours.

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