7 year old inspires community to help the homeless

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) – A Region 8 girl helps out those in need by making a simple craft that has meant a lot to others in her community.

A week ago, Maggie Cole, 7, decided she wanted to help the Mission Outreach. Maggie's mother, Amie, told Region 8 News her idea was to make bracelets out of pipe cleaners.

"Pipe cleaner bracelets are nothing special," said Amie. "But I think it's the heart behind it that really impresses people and want to help her."

Maggie has impressed so many others in her community causing a ripple effect in Paragould.

"She had four people to give her money, she had 25 dollars that night and from that she had some people say they would match her 25 dollars and from there it just grew," said Amie.

Maggie does not have a set price on the bracelets but a few days later a daycare asked Maggie for 43 of them.

Maggie said although she was blessed with food and shelter she knows many others don't.

"I want to help out the people out so they can have a roof on their head and food on their table," said Maggie.

"You know when she told she was going to do this for homeless people she said mom my heart told me to do it not my head, what better answer could you get than that." said Amie.

Maggie said her goal is to raise up to $400 so she can adopt two nights at the Mission Outreach.

To help, you can head to Maggie's Facebook page, Match Maggie for the Mission or you can call the Mission Outreach at (870) 236-8080.

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