New land purchase could be new home for Jonesboro police

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- The city council approved some procedure paperwork Tuesday to make the former Army Reserve Center on Caraway Rd the home of the new police station. 

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Mayor Harold Perrin said they had to get the city council's approval before they could sign the deed to the new building. Once the paperwork is complete, the Jonesboro police will hopefully move in before next year.

"Once it gets back to us we will actually own the property, then we will start the renovations on the building," Mayor Perrin said.
The city will sign the paperwork on Wednesday and will acquire the deed by the middle of August.

 "The building will be used for our public safety police area," he said. "One of the things that will go in there is evidence storage and that is a big key for us now, where it's at versus where it will be there in a cages and we can have in numerical."

The total cost of renovations comes to about one million dollars.
"I would hope we could get in right after the first of the year if not before the first of the year depending on how much renovations we have to do," Perrin said.
The police station moving to Caraway will force the city to figure out what to do with the property on Johnson.

"The property on Johnson may come back into the Jonesboro Initiative as far as parks and things like that plus it could also be used for maybe a mini precinct," he said.

Perrin says he is thrilled this space was available.

"I am excited as mayor to have that facility because it just fits out needs tremendously," he said. "That facility is going to be incredible, I think for the police department."

Jonesboro Chief of Police Michael Yates said the new space will allow them to have a motor pool and a bigger and safer evidence storage area.

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