Police: Woman uses stolen checks to buy pizzas

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- Jonesboro police arrested a woman Tuesday after using stolen checks to buy several boxes of pizza from Pizza Inn in Jonesboro.

Patricia Truitt was arrested Tuesday on charges of forgery after using stolen checks on several occasions in local businesses.

"Recently,there have been some financial crimes such as forgery where she had stolen aman’s check and passed them at local businesses," said Sgt. Lyle Waterworth with Jonesboro Police Department.

He said they have been investigating severalcases of financial identity fraud and fraudulent use for credit card.

"DetectiveRacy after a lengthy investigation developed a suspect, information wasgathered on that suspect and an arrest was made on Patricia Truitt," Waterworth said.

PatriciaTruitt was charged Wednesday for forgery after using fraudulent checks to makeseveral purchases.

Jonesboro Policewent looking for Truitt at her home on Tuesday. Her husband, Larry Truitt toldpolice she had already left the house. After discovering Patricia was in fact inside,both her and her husband were arrested. Larry Truitt was charged withobstructing governmental operations.

"She alsohad stolen a credit card in the past where she used the credit card forfinancial gain," he said.

Waterworthsays constantly monitoring your account can help when it comes to being a victimof fraud.

"Keep an eye on that kind of stuff, check yourcredit cards , keep an eye on your credit cards, keep an eye on your checkingaccount," he said.

There arealso ways businesses can be cautious.  

"Always askfor ID, you know some people may act like it’s an inconvenience but is itreally an inconvenience for them to have to have an ID."

Anadministrator at the Craighead County Detention Center said the probable cause hearing forPatricia Truitt will likely be on Thursday.

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