Senath voters approve $1.6 million bond to replace lagoon

SENATH, MO (KAIT) - Senath residents have approved a $1.6 million bond to pay for a new lagoon for the city.

Senath Mayor Joe Lane says 126 voters approved the bond measure, while 29 voted against the measure.

Mayor Lane says the system was deemed non-compliant by the Department of Natural Resources and has to be replaced.

"(The lagoon) was put into service in June of 1991, so it's 22 years old, and at the present time we cannot meet all the standards for the State of Missouri Department of Natural Resources and (the United States Environmental Protection Agency)."

Mayor Lane says water bills will increase by $12-13.

"If the state comes in and builds it, probably cost us $25-30 dollars, and I think we can run our own town. We don't need the state running it."

Freddie Skelton lives about nine miles away from Senath in Arbyrd where residents voted in April 2013 in favor of a $1 million bond to replace their lagoon.

"They all need to swallow their pride and pay it," he said.

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