Cheney Pledges Stronger Economy During Blytheville Appearance This Morning

SEPTEMBER 14, 2004 - Posted at 1:53 p.m. CDT

BLYTHEVILLE, AR -  Vice President Dick Cheney returned to Arkansas this morning.  Cheney pledged that the Bush administration's policies will help build a stronger economy in an area of the state with double-digit unemployment.

In his fourth visit to Arkansas this year, Cheney touted Bush administration policies that he said have terrorists on the run and the economy on the rebound.  He asked for four more years for President Bush to complete the job.

Cheney told the Arkansans gathered that they will be seeing more of the Republican ticket in the Natural State.  He spoke to more than 500 cheering, sign-waving supporters in a cavernous cotton storage warehouse in an agricultural complext tucked between soybean fields.  Mississippi County's economy is largely agricultural-based, and the area suffers from 14 percent unemployment.

In his 25-minute speech, the vice president led a chorus of Republican officials who praised Bush as a strong, steady leader and painted Democratic presidential candidate Senator John Kerry as waffling and indecisive in perilous times for the nation.

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