Local Law Enforcement Backbone to VP Security

September 14, 2004--Posted 3:00 pm CDT

Blytheville, AR--The secret to the Secret Service’s success is out.  They depend on hard-working local law enforcement officials to help secure key Heads of State.  Today's visit of Vice President Dick Cheney to Blytheville revealed no less than seven local agencies working together in order to make Cheney’s visit to ‘The Natural State’ a smooth one. 

“It’s just an everyday routine for us,”  Arkansas Game and Fish Sgt. Rick Emery said.  “We have been requested by the Secret Service.”  Emery was one of two men sent from the Game and Fish Commission because of their proficiency in rifles and shotguns.  He helped patrol and secure part of the runway for the arrival of Airforce II.

With so many agencies working together, someone has to be in charge.  And while many of the Secret Servicemen were stepping foot onArkansas soil for the first time, local officials praised their professionalism and leadership.  " A-plus work," one policeman said.