One Region 8 school already in session

CHERRY VALLEY, AR (KAIT) - While some kids are enjoying their final weeks of summer break, students in one Region 8 school district are heading back to school.

Todaywas the first day of school in the Cross County School District. Students at Cross County High School said they were readyto get the school year started. For some it was about starting football seasonand others about achieving their personal goals.

"I look forward to having a great 11th gradeyear, personally I've been waiting a long time to get up to here," said Riley Stephens.

"To make straight As all year," 7th grader, Kalianna Hill said.

"I'm gonna try to get better at my grades," said 8th grader, KaylobBoykin.

"I'm trying tobuild my GPA up so I can get into ASU for diesel mechanics so I can get mydiesel mechanics license," said senior Jeffery Baney.

The teachers helped to ease student's anxiety by doing the Harlem Shake in the morning assembly.

"I was really scared about going into an older grade andgoing into high school and stuff like that but it's not as bad as I thought itwould be," said Madisyn Mathes, an 8th grader.

Principal Jennifer McFarland says she has highexpectations for her students.

"It is my first here as the high school principal and mygoal for this school is to really bring the community into this building," McFarland said. "To help them figure out their path and where they wantto go in their life and in their next step is really exciting."

"It's different than last year, it wasn't this manypeople, we got a lot of new kids, it's gonna be a good year," said Stephens.

The kids will spend two days gettingacclimated and will dive in the books on Monday.

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