A picture is worth 1,000 words

Region 8 News Thursday Evening Update - Some of the stories the Region 8 News department is working on for Region 8 News at 10.

Joke gone wrong

A girl was bound and gagged, a gun pointed at her head, and a picture of it ended up all over social media. Police opened an investigation that quickly ended. The story is at 10.

Fake officer

A Craighead County Sheriff's Deputy searched a woman's house last night in Jonesboro, but it wasn't until after he left that she contacted police and realized he was not an officer. Allison Munn explains on Region 8 News at 10.

U.S. Embassy threats

The State Department says they have a serious security concern: U.S. embassies around the world have been ordered to close this coming Sunday. And its not clear for how long. The latest tonight at 10.

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