JPD, Sheriff's Department investigating deputy imposter

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A Craighead County Sheriff's Deputy searched a woman's house last night in Jonesboro. He had the badge and the gun but something didn't sit right with the woman.

After he left, she contacted police and learned she had just let an imposter into her home.

It's not unusual for a Craighead County Sheriff's Deputy to work inside Jonesboro city limits.

"We have jurisdiction county wide and a lot of the business that we do is in the towns," Sheriff Marty Boyd told Region 8 News.

What is unusual is for one to fail or refuse to show identification.

"Anyone can ask for it at any given time and we'd be glad to give it to them," Boyd said.

According to the Jonesboro Police report, the incident started when a Jonesboro woman's aunt showed up at her house on Brazos Street looking to retrieve some paperwork. When her aunt walked into the house, so did a "heavyset male" wearing jeans and a t-shirt, carrying a "badge on his belt and a gun in his pants pocket".

"And when he was asked who he was, he commented that he was a Deputy Sheriff with Craighead County," Boyd said.

The man claimed he was Steven Craig and been with the department for 18 years. As the woman's aunt retrieved that paperwork, the "deputy" shined a flashlight around different rooms of the house and the two left shortly thereafter.

"They got into a red wrecker and drove off from the scene, so of course he was not a law enforcement officer," Boyd told Region 8 News.

"Usually if that's the case, they're not on the up and up," Boyd said. "They're either trying to do something illegally because they're acting in an illegal way to start with...and you never know what someone's thinking or what they're trying to use and what their motive is."

Boyd said if a similar situation should happen to you, don't hesitate to call law enforcement to find out if that person is legitimate.

"Ask them if they have an officer at your residence because we use radio contact with the dispatchers so anywhere that we're at, they know where we're at also and can verify to that person that yes, that is an officer at your door."

According to the report, the imposter did not threaten the homeowner, the situation just made her nervous.

Both JPD and the sheriff's department are investigating. The man, who claimed to be Steven Craig, could face a charge for impersonating an officer.

Region 8 News will keep tracking this story and let you know what happens.

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