Foster families needed in Region 8

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- There is a high demand for foster families in Region 8, according to Craighead County Department of Human Resources.

The Christians for Kids organization is looking to recruit more people in the community to become foster parents. After recruiting 14 families in Greene County, they are looking to recruit in Craighead County and Clay County.

One local couple decided to be foster parents aftera year of marriage. They said it was what God was leading them to do.  
"It was a time in our life that we had struggledwith some miscarriages and things like that so we decided that this is whereGod is leading us," said Caleigh Romine, foster mother.

"We wentahead signed up, it took about 6 months and we had our first placement inFebruary of this year," she said.

CaleighRomine and her husband Callan went from no kids in the house to three in oneday.  

"No more sleeping in, planning ahead and stayingprepared for everything, dropping off at daycare, dropping off at school, It'sa whole new thing for us but we love it," Romine said.

Just months after becoming foster parents, theyreceived big news.  

"We found out that we were expecting and we laterfound out that it was a girl," she said.

Romine said just seeing a smiling, happy child is the biggest reward.

"Challenges of course is to know their past and toknow that they've been through rough times," she said.

Nicole Potts with Christians for Kids said she ishoping more families come forward and open their home to a child.

"Every countyin Region 8 is in need, desperate need truly of foster parents," Potts said. "The childrenthat are not in foster homes are in shelters and group homes, and it's justreally sad."

Romine says you just have to take the first step.

"Just go for it, you don't have to jump in with threekids, try one to begin with and just go from there," she said. "I never realized how much it would change me as aperson."

Potts said they have recruited 55 families andCraighead County and about 16 in Greene County.

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