Residents try to lure Dollar General to build in their town

HOLCOMB, MO (KAIT) - Holcomb residents are working to bring a Dollar General to town.

A group has started a petition with the goal of getting 2,000 signatures from people who support the idea.

 "Dollar General had come around looking for place to put stores," said Holcomb resident Erin Owens, who is part of the group that manages the petition drive. "When they came to Holcomb they didn't think that Holcomb was going to be able to support a Dollar General."

"Right now we have 1,750 signatures. I carry a petition with me at all times," she said. "Hopefully they'll see that Holcomb does have enough support to put a new location here."

Holcomb Mayor Max Clark says having the retail store in town would be much more convenient than residents having to travel to neighboring cities for necessities. Holcomb is located off Highway 25 between Campbell and Kennett.

"We have the community of Gibson and the little Pine City areas in this area. They don't realize that Holcomb's a bigger hub than what they think," said Mayor Clark.
"Toilet paper, toothpaste, dog food, even food, you're having to travel at least five miles, and if you want to go on into Kennett then you're looking at 12 miles away," said Owens. "There's nothing here for us to shop at. We don't have any choice here."

Holcomb resident Pat Moore said many senior citizens need a retailer closer to their homes. "We don't drive as much as we used to and there's a lot of people that don't have a way to go to Kennett and the economy is such that we need something local."

Mayor Clark said he has been in contact with Dollar General Corporation representatives for the past year. "They said they would look into it, but that's the same thing I've been hearing for a while." 

According to the Dollar General Corporation website, the Goodlettsville, TN-based company is the largest small-box discount retailer in the United States.

Dollar General responded to the petition saying:

"While there are no current plans to open a new location in Holcomb, Mo., we look forward to serving its residents in one of the six locations in Dunklin County and thank the Holcomb community for being strong supporters of Dollar General."

Mayor Clark says residents are prepared to keep trying.

"We've always had to fight to get everything else we needed, the fire station, the city park. We just have to work, keep doing it. We got good people. It's a quiet little town. We don't take "No" for an answer. We'll just keep going."

Owen says they also plan to make a video documenting the town during the busiest hours at day and night.

"We're going to get some video footage of all the traffic that comes in and out of Holcomb, as well as with the school."

Click here to sign the iPetition.

Visit the Bring Dollar General to Holcomb MO!!! Facebook page.

Anyone who wants to sign petitions can do so at the following locations:


City Hall - 214 Main Street

United States Post Office - 304 North Jones Avenue

Strawberry's BBQ - 107 Main Street

Strawberry's Steak House - 203 Main Street


Keith's Pool Kare - 1215 Independence Avenue

McCormick's Family Dining - 305 Independence Avenue

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