A tax free weekend for AR shoppers

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-  Arkansas' tax free weekend is upon us and a lot of parents are taking advantage.

Shoppers did not leave The Mall at Turtle Creek empty handed, for some parents they said they have been waiting all summer for this weekend.

"It's been great so far, we went to Justice for a backpack and they had it and we got it at more than half off and we were out the door ," said parent, Melanie Mathews.

There were sale signs everywhere you looked. This year's back to school tax holiday came just in time for parents to save on clothes and shoes for their kids.

"Brought the kids for school clothes and school supplies and it's helped a lot by not having taxes this weekend," said parent, Ramona Acklin.

Purchases on August 3 and 4th will exempt from state sales tax and local sales tax.

"We thought we'd take advantage of the tax free weekend so –And did you catch any good sales—we did, he got some good deals so we're done I think," said Tracey Bassett.

This weekend is helping to lighten the financial load of a lot of families.

"We're done for today but we might come back tomorrow," Bassett said.

Tax free weekend will continue on Sunday.

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