Local pharmacy partners up to offer discount on prescriptions

KENNETT, MO (KAIT) - SEMO Health Network has recently partnered up with Harris Pharmacy in offering the 340-B Discount Drug.

340-B is a drug program through the Health and Human Services that requires drug manufacturers to provide certain health care organizations and pharmacies prescription drugs, at significantly reduced prices. If you qualify, that big savings is passed on to you.

It was initially designed to help those who didn't qualify for Medicaid assistance, and didn't make enough money for health insurance.

"People that have insurance, they may see some benefit," said Harris Pharmacy Owner Darren Harris. "The people that it really benefits are the people that were coming in and paying cash for something."

While the program has been around for 20 years, the Affordable Healthcare Act expanded the program to more cancer hospitals, and rural and community hospitals. In Kennett, the SEMO Health Network, a medical clinic, needed to partner with a pharmacy.

"They needed somebody, we were here and we had the staff and facilities to do it," said Harris. "Also, to help the population that needed it out there."

However, not everyone qualifies for cheaper prescriptions. The best advice is to ask your doctor and pharmacist if you qualify. It takes certain regulations for patients of SEMO Health Network to partake in the program, in order to buy discount prescriptions.

"If you go there and you see one of their doctors, and they've decided that through their criteria that you meet the standards, then you will qualify," said Harris.

To see what locations in your area participate in the 340-B program click here.

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