Suspicious man reportedly tried to lure young girls in neighborhood

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Jonesboro Police Department have received reports from neighbors on Olive St. that a suspicious man is trying to lure young girls into his vehicle.

Olive Street resident, Teresa Munn and her neighbors, are hoping to get the word out.


“He was actually seen in this neighborhood for two days straight,” said Munn. “He approached my neighbor because she looks like a little kid.”


Munn’s 9-year-old daughter was playing outside when the same man drove up next to her asking if she wanted to see his puppy. When a neighbor saw what he was doing, she told him to leave or she would call the cops. Just fifteen minutes later the man came back, but this time without his car.


“We were walking down the road and we saw his face that fit the description, my baby looked at him and said that’s him,” said Munn.


Munn approached the man, asked him about his dog and then asked him where his car was. The man told her he had a warrant out for his arrest and needed to get rid of it. When Munn tried to get a male neighbor to come talk to him, he began to run away.


“He just took off running,” said Munn. “I got in my vehicle to follow and called the police.”


 Munn said she's certain he ran to his car because they were unable to find him.


“There’s no if and or buts he jumped in the car, because the police were looking, I was looking, and we didn’t see him,” said Munn.


The suspect is described as 40 years old with shoulder length brown hair and a mustache. He is 5'10", weighing 140 lbs and has a thin build, according to police.

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