Brookland becomes bigger town with annexation passage

BROOKLAND, AR (KAIT) - Many new changes are in the works for the town of Brookland after residents voted to move forward with the annexation. Brookland Mayor, Kenneth Jones, said it was important for the town's future.

"It was a concern, will we be Brookland in the future or will we be a part of the other larger cities," said Jones. "We want to be Brookland."

Keeping Brookland a town of its own would start by taking its biggest asset and helping it grow.

"When we talk to people they want to come to Brookland for our schools, and we needed to grow for that to happen," said Jones.

Not only did the town gain more land, but it also gained 300 more residents. Jones said as new developments start to pop up within the city, they're expecting to see a big increase in population.

We have 1,642 people now," said Jones. "When we do the special census we really think it's going to be somewhere between 2,400 to 2,500 people."

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