Batesville mower firm expands to multi-terrain vehicles

BATESVILLE, Ark. (AP) - A Batesville-based company that makes high-end riding lawnmowers has completed an expansion and is producing a line of multi-terrain vehicles.

Bad Boy Mowers said Wednesday it will add more than 200 jobs over the coming three to five years. An affiliate of the company, Intimidator Inc., is producing the multi-terrain vehicles.

The Intimidator series features a 1,600-pound payload and a 2,100-pound towing capacity. The company says the payload carries more than a compact pickup truck.

The company has added 10 new utility-terrain vehicles and multi-terrain vehicles, giving it 16 of the products. They include gasoline, diesel and electric models that seat two or four people. The machines are produced for agricultural, industrial, recreational or high-performance purposes.

Bad Boy was founded in 1998 and has operated in Batesville since 2002.

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