Sheriff's office seeing more bath salts cases

WALNUT RIDGE, AR (KAIT) – The Lawrence County Sheriff's Department has seen a number of drug related cases involving bath salts. K-9 Officer, Blake Liscomb, said it seems to be popular with a certain age group.

"It's mostly college people that we're running into," said Liscomb. That's where they're trying it at."

After they noticed an increase in synthetic bath salts, they started to educated themselves on the drug to keep it under control.

"It's a new drug to the county and the community, so we're trying to further our training and get better understanding of it and how to stop it," said Liscomb.

Liscomb said the in the last two cases, people who thought they were purchasing meth, ended up with synthetic bath salts.

"What happens is they're looking for different type of high and they begin to freak out even worse, and a lot of people will hyperventilate," said Liscomb. "They'll end up at the hospital fighting the doctors and we have to go out there and detain them."

However, Liscomb said his biggest concern is it becoming popular among young people. The reactions can not only harm themselves but others as well.

"Somebody is going to get hurt because they act out of mind," said Liscomb.

Since bath salts have become popular only recently, it's harder to find it. Liscomb said Florida International University has a unit that specializes in K-9 detection, and is working to train dogs to locate it.

"They're currently finding the dominate odor in bath salts so our K-9's can start detecting it in vehicles," said Liscomb.

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