Suspect in truck theft caught by Region 8 News cameras

Region 8 News Friday Evening Update – Here is a look at some of the stories the Region 8 News department is working on for Region 8 News at 10.

Police name a suspect in the stolen vehicle incident

JPD has named a suspect in Thursday's stolen tuck incident that had a nine-year-old boy inside. Bryan Redden was caught walking in front of our camera yesterday while police were searching for him. Tonight, Brandi Hunter explains how we managed to get Redden on camera and a give an update on the search.

Kali Update

Kali Hardig, the Arkansas girl who was infected by a brain-eating parasite has made great improvements and is expected to survive. We'll bring you an update on her condition on Region 8 News at 10.

Hero Dog of the Year Candidate

Formally a shelter dog, John D. has been nominated for  Hero Dog of the year.  Not only is he a search and rescue dog, but he can detect disease. Check out this amazing story tonight on Region 8 News at 10.

DUI Dance

A sobriety test turns into a dance off! See this man accused of drunk driving, do a dance for an officer.

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