Students Use New Technology To Learn

September 16, 2004 – Posted at 3:02 p.m. CDT

PARAGOULD -- Teaching can be a very challenging profession and educators are always looking for new ways to reach their students. One Region 8 School is combining technology with the Arkansas Education Television Network as a teaching tool.

Library Media Specialist Sara Dickey said the program is going well in its second year at the Paragould School District.

"It's very popular, the teachers really like it," said Dickey.

"I think it's easier, because instead of listening to the teacher, we can watch it and they give demonstrations and it's easier to understand," said Freshman Kia Sutton.

Students at Paragould High School are learning in a whole new way. The school is using a video streaming program that allows teachers to use more than 22,000 video clips in the classroom.

Students are able to learn math, science, social studies, language arts and even health through video streaming, and because of funding through AETN, the program is free.

"There's not a school anywhere who could afford to purchase these and they are wonderful, you don't have to worry about quality," said Dickey.

Teachers and students agree, it's a good way to keep kid's attention.

"Sometimes when the teacher is talking, you get tired of listening, but you have something to watch, because a lot of kids like to watch TV, so it's like watching TV," said Sutton.

"It really is an up to date way to teach them, keep them interested and yet, we're teaching them what we are supposed to be teaching," said Dickey.

The program is sponsored by AETN and the Arkansas Department of Education.