Restaurant helps teen accomplish dream

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – For one Jonesboro teen becoming a Sonic car hop has always been a dream, and this summer she finally got her chance.

Rebekah's mother, Jill Henderson, said they were worried Rebekah wouldn't get the chance because she has Down syndrome. However, after working with Focus Inc., her dream came true.

"They contacted Johny, who is the manager for this Sonic, he said absolutely," said Henderson.

For Manager, Johny Carr, having Rebekah on board has been a great experience.

"She is so fun to be around," said Carr. "She is so excited to be here and you miss that because a lot of the employees aren't necessarily excited every day, but when she's here everyone gets excited."

Henderson said this opportunity has given Rebekah a boost of confidence. It has been an eye-opener for not only Rebekah, but for those who see how much she's grown during this experience.

"It's given people so much hope," said Henderson. "Just because they have some limited abilities, they have so many other strong abilities."

However, her ability to car hop wasn't something she mastered on her own. Rebekah worked closely with Molly League, another car hop who became more than just a co-worker.

"From the first day when she first came in she was super shy, she wouldn't look at anybody and wouldn't talk," said League. "Now she just walks in the door when she gets here, she announces that she's here, and she's ready to take peoples orders."

Becoming a Sonic car hop has taught Rebekah a lot about herself. Henderson hopes her daughter will be an inspiration to others.

"Gratitude is just overwhelming for what they have done," said Henderson. "I would really love to encourage other small businesses in the community to give them that chance."

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