Community reacts to superintendent getting home bought by school

BAY, AR (KAIT)- The Bay Board of Education agreed to buy a home for the superintendent at Tuesday's board meeting.

Superintendent Chip Laynesaid this home could be a good investment for the district.

"This is nota house for me, now I will live in it if they purchase it and the school hassaid that they want to pay for it but they are looking at it as a recruitmenttool on down the line,"Layne said.

Laynehas been the superintendent of Bay School District for 12 years and says thishouse would be more for administration and not just him.

"Chip Laynewill never see the title on this home," he said. "I thinkthat some of this stems from the last three superintendents me included, didnot live in the district."

But some Bayresidents felt differently.

"If they aregoing to put money anywhere they should put that back to the kids becauseschool is for the kids," said Bay resident, Johnny Pagaan.

"In myopinion, they've broken the trust of the people, they are suppose to bestewarts over the tax payer dollars," said Joseph Weir.

"I was alittle shocked, not a commonplace purchase, I've never heard of other schooldistricts doing that before," said David Hundley who works in Bay.

Some Bay HighSchool students said they would like to see more money invested in programs atschool.

"They've cutback on gifted and talented programs which me and Nathan are both involved inas well as a lot of students in school," said junior, Raven Francomano.

"There areso many students who could benefit from this money besides just thesuperintendent and his family," said junior, Nathan Smith.

Layne saidhe asked a financial advisor to figure out payments for a house costing about$150,000.

"The moneywould be local money. There is not going to be any money generated for this, Imean it will be money that the district already has," he said.

Layne saidthe school board will take the public's concerns into consideration beforemaking a final decision. The Bay School District will start school on Monday.

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