ASU safety going into new academic year

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – This Saturday is move in day for incoming freshman at ASU. As parents are dropping of their new college student, their safety in a new place may come to mind.

Vice Chancellor of Human Affairs, Dr. Rick Stripling, said the campus is prepared to ensure their safety as soon as they move in.

"We have emergency phones all over the campus," said Stripling. "We just expanded some of the campus with residential living, so we also incorporated emergency phones into that."

Along with emergency phones, students can feel safe as they walk to and from their dorms at night.

"Our student patrols roam through here at night," said Stripling. "They just give a watchful eye to the campus if they see something they report it."

If they see anything suspicious, they are one phone call away from someone who can get there quickly to help.

"We have a police department here, dedicated solely to the campus," said Stripling.

Dr. Stripling said crime on campus has decreased from previous years. Usually, it involves theft or alcohol and drug related violations, but their faculty and staff do their best to watch out for their students.

"As they hear things they are always concerned and will report things to the appropriate people," said Stripling.

R-A's in the dorms have been back for weeks to go over safety training. Campus officials said they've worked with U-P-D to make sure those buildings are secure throughout the year.

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