Festival performers remember Johnny Cash

JONESBORO,AR (KAIT)- The third annual Johnny Cash Music Festival kicked off Saturday night at the Convocation Center at Arkansas State.

The performers of the event shared memories of Johnny Cash then reminisced on the legacy he left behind.

"Every genre of music there is he influenced it," said JimmyFortune.

"People love him just as much or more thanthey ever did," said brother of Johnny Cash, Tommy Cash.

"When youheard him come through the speakers on your radio you were commanded tolisten, "said headliner, Vince Gill.

Before thelights went down for tonight's show, the performers shared memories of JohnnyCash and the impact he had on everyone around him.

"Everybodyremembers Johnny Cash and what an influence he's had on our lives and ourmusic," Fortune said.

This yearmarks the third year this festival has taken place on ASU's campus. Proceedsfrom the event go towards restoration of Johnny Cash's boyhood home.

"So manypeople would come from different parts of the world to see that little housethat was in such disarray,"said sister of Cash, Joanne Cash Yates. "Ithink Johnny and our family would be very overwhelmed."

Tommy Cash said his family would be proud of the work being done at theirchildhood home.

"I think hewould be very honored and very proud of what's going on with our home in Dyess

Gill said Cash was a great part of history.

"If you lookat his history he taught you what an open mind looked like," he said. "He's agreat piece of Americano, a huge piece of Americano."

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