Dog found tied to shelter looking for new home

BATESVILLE, AR (KAIT) – Someone left a dog last week tied to the front of the Humane Society of Independence County with only a note.

The shelter volunteers had no choice but to take him in because they found him chained to a post on the front porch.

"He was on a chain. It was a little bit longer of a chain, but he had wrapped himself around," said Shelter Manager Michelle Hanson. "He didn't have any food or water. He was scared to death."

Hanson says after she helped get the dog untangled, she found a note by the front door that read, "Got this dog from a lady but he is just to (sic) much for me!"

The shelter named the dog Snooper, who is a Boston Terrier/Schnauzer mix and will soon be available for adoption.

Shelter volunteers say, sadly, incidents like this have become more and more common at the Batesville shelter, which has now had to make some changes because so many pets have been abandoned.

"We come in sometimes [pets] are thrown over our fences or they're just tied up or we've had puppies left in boxes," Hanson said. "We've had kittens left in boxes [too]."

She says the shelter can no longer take in any more animals because of the overcrowding. The humane society currently houses 94 dogs and puppies as well as 48 cats and kittens in the shelter.

Hanson has even had to create a waiting list for people wanting to give up their pets. During the past year, the list has grown to 77 people, with more calling every day to be added to it.

"As dogs get adopted, we do call people off the waiting list even though we are overcrowded," Hanson said. "If a dog gets adopted, we bring somebody in. If a cat gets adopted, we bring somebody in just to try to help out the community."

Families on the waiting list can also get pet food assistance from the shelter. Starting this month, they are also eligible to receive one of five vouchers to get their female dogs spayed.

"We really do try to help everybody out," she said.

Hanson also wants to remind people that abandoning an animal in Arkansas is a misdemeanor offense. She says in Snooper's case, whoever left him would face abandonment and abuse charges because he had no food or water.

"He had no bedding – I mean nothing," Hanson said. "He was just left."

If anyone is interested in adopting Snooper or another animal at the Humane Society of Independence County, call the shelter at 870-793-0090 or send an email to

The shelter also encourages people to check out and to see all the animals that are available. Use the zip code 72501 to browse all the cats and dogs in Batesville needing to find a 'forever home.'

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