A bad break-up lands a Jonesboro man in jail

John Allen Faughn (Source: Craighead County Detention Center)
John Allen Faughn (Source: Craighead County Detention Center)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Not accepting a break-up lands Region 8 man in jail.

According to the report, John Allen Faughn,19, continued calling his girlfriend, Emily Lansford, to talk about their relationship. Lansford invited Faughn over so she could explain to him why she no longer wanted to be with him.

When Faughn arrived, Lansford got into his car. The report states that Faughn "took off from the residence and would not stop." Faughn finally pulled over in the Big Lot's parking lot and Lansford got out of the car. Faughn followed her on foot and then got back in the car to follow her and convince her to get back in the vehicle.

Faughn continued to follow Lansford to the Southwest Drive overpass until a jogger helped her get away. The report states that the jogger called police and Faughn went back to Lansford's home, broke inside, and took her phone.

Lansford told officers that she was scared of him and was afraid he was going to hurt her bad or kill her.

Officers asked Faughn to turn himself in. He told police that his car had been stolen and he had nothing to do with the situation.

The vehicle was spotted and the driver was identified as Faughn.

He was taken to the Craighead County Detention Center and is being charged with burglary, harassment trespassing, careless driving, fleeing, kidnapping and assault.

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