Hospital in Hayti could soon be closing

HAYTI, MO (KAIT)- The Pemiscot Memorial Health Systems in Hayti may be soon be closing their doors.

The hospital is under pressure to make up for the money they are no longer getting through the state which has put them in debt about $4 million dollars.

"Right now, we're in a difficult financial situation," said Jack Pennington, CEO of Pemiscot Memorial Health Services. He said the financial problems stem from reductions in reimbursements.

"What we use to be getting paid for the work that we do, taking care of our community's health needs, has been reduced," he said. "Both through changes in the Affordable Care Act and some other governmental payment programs where we received funding for care we provide."

In July of 2011 the hospital no longer received about $1.5 million dollars from the state of Missouri.

"Money has transitioned from those programs into other areas where we no longer receive the funding," Pennington said.

The board met last week with employees to discuss the financial problems. And now they are doing everything they can to keep the hospital open.

"If we don't receive the funding that we need to be able to basically cover our expenses, our payroll the other costs that we have, as a result of doing business,"he said.

Pennington said  the lack of funding will keep them from caring for those in need.

"Then it's going to over time erode our ability to provide care to our community, which of course is our mission," he said. "So we would see things change in terms of what we can do to, see our patients, take care of our residents and other members of the community we provide health care for."

The board is considering furloughing employees as financial troubles pile up.

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