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Alert: Akron residents warned about speeding scam

Akron, OH Akron, OH

Someone wants your money. The scammer is making calls to try to get your credit card information.

"I think people will do anything to get money from somebody," said Lt. Rick Edwards with the Akron Police Department.

Akron Police got a tip about a scam that tries to trick people into paying unpaid speed camera tickets.

The scammer pretends to be from "Ohio State Recovery Company", calling about the ticket the would be victim supposedly received in the mail.

"They want their credit card information and if they don't give their information then a judge from the Akron Municipal Court will issue a warrant for their arrest," said Edwards.

Akron only has traffic cameras in school zones and those cameras won't be set up until school starts next week.

Another red flag if you get a speed camera ticket you never have to go through the clerk of courts.

"If you don't pay that ticket you're not going to hear from the Akron Municipal Court or anybody from the court system. They're not going to issue a bench warrant. They will go after you civilly," said Edwards.

So if you find yourself on the other line with someone asking for your personal information. Chances are it's a scam.

Hang up and check it out with police.

Akron Police say if you are already a victim of this speed camera scam call your credit card company, stop payment, then call police to report it.

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