School cafeteria taking online payments

WYNNE, AR (KAIT)- Parents in Wynne no longer have to worry about dishing out lunch money in every morning. This year marks the second year Wynne Public Schools is using an online paying system in the cafeteria that makes it easier and quicker for students to get their lunch.

This year they have also added a phone app. allows parents to prepay for their student's meals and monitor their meal activity with just a click of a button.

"My parents use the online thing and it's pretty fast, you get your food and you're out," said 9th grader, Austin Headley.

Parents no longer have to worry about having lunch money and students don't have to worry about stopping to pay. Lunching staff says it's a win-win situation.

"You don't have to worry about every morning getting money, it can already be done," said 10th grader, Juwan Young.

Susan Brown is the food services director for Wynne Public Schools and said parents can make payments online through their debit card, credit card or checking account. She said they have definitely noticed a difference.   

"To be honest it actually speeds up the line because we don't have to stop and take money and make change in line," Brown said. "Last year we collected over 71,000 in online payments for student's accounts."

Parents only need their student's ID number to set up an account and now they can even go on their phone.

"Just so much easier and faster for them and for us, we can get them served faster so they have more time to eat and relax," she said.

And if parents happen to forget, the online account refreshes every ten minutes. Some student said they hope their parents will soon get on board.

"Long lines and people waiting to pay for food," said sophomore, Kody Baker.

"Sometimes I forget money and I can't eat so it sucks," said sophomore, Angely Philpot.

Brown says parents can also sign up to receive email alerts if the balance goes below a certain amount.

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