42 graves damaged, sheriff's dept. investigating

OAK GROVE HEIGHTS, AR (KAIT)- Greene County Sheriff's Department is investigating the vandalism of 42 graves at the Gainesville Cemetery in Oak Grove Heights.

A lot of themonument on the north end of the cemetery had been knocked down and broken. Buford Williams has been thecaretaker of this cemetery for nearly 20 years and he says he has never seenanything of this magnitude.

"Yesterdaymorning when I come out to mow, I looked and I said oh my goodness look atthis," Williams said. "Theyknocked them over, a lot of them when they fell over they broke, big ones,little ones, didn't make a difference just got them all."

Williams said close to 50monuments were damaged between Thursday and Friday morning.

"Ipersonally think it's kids, big kids they come out here and they get down thereand I am constantly picking up beer bottles and stuff down there," he said.

Williamssaid he's had 3 or 4 monuments knocked down in the past which made him ask thesheriff's office for surveillance.

"I can'treally blame them kids, I blame the parents. If the parents had brought them upright they wouldn't be doing this," Williams said. "I just praythat everything will straighten out and be okay that's all."

Williams said it was only the monuments on the north end of the cemetery that werevandalized. He says the cemetery board president plans to fix as many as hecan.

"He's gonnaget a big strap and strap on to them big tombstones and pick them up but wehave to figure out what we can use to clue them in place so they won't fallover again," he said.

Williamssaid the people who did this will eventually have to answer to a higher power.

"If theynever get caught, they aint gone get away cause that man above, he's got his eyeon them and he knows who done it," he said.

Greene County Sheriff, Dan Langston said they don't have any leads atthis time. He said officer will be doing surveillance at GainesvilleCemetery and other cemeteries in the areas. He says if anyone has anyinformation they are urged to call the GreeneCounty Sheriff's Department.

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